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Dad’s Day

Supporting Dads in Glasgow South

Our dads work began in 2016 when Home-Start Glasgow South identified the need for better support and engagement with Dads. Dads work is large in scope and creating high-impact projects to support them has been key to our work being effective.

The pandemic provided numerous challenges to delivering our work, but we have been able to maintain most of our various projects, many without interruption. Our services have positively impacted hundred of Dads across Glasgow, and consequently their children, too.

Intensive Support

Similar to our intensive family support for mothers, we also offer help and guidance for Dads who may be facing challenges at home. Our Dad’s Coordinators are there to offer a listening ear or helping hand to help dads overcome some of the most challenging times. Support is tailored and offered in a friendly environment, and the support required can vary greatly.

Dads & Weans

Our Dads & Weans group is popular with Dads who have children under the age of 2 years. Attendees can spend some time with their babies one-on-one and get the chance to meet other Dads.

The group is led by our Dads Co-Ordinator Doug and hosted in partnership with Merry-go-round. On days where the weather is good, the group often take a stroll around Queens Park, giving the children an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and play.

Antenatal Workshops

Our Dad’s Antenatal Workshop helps dads-to-be better understand their baby, reduce their own stress and be a better support for their partner. The session aims to provide a map of what labour and birth can be, including dealing with any unexpected challenges during the process.

Our free workshop take place once a month in person from 6.30 pm – 9.00 pm in the Pollokshaws Burgh Hall. If you would like to reserve a space, click here.

Dads Antenatal Classes have been tailored to the experience of dads to be and has been developed in partnership with NHS Midwifery Services. Workshops are also supported by NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, The Harry Smith Charity, Cattanach and The Community Lottery Fund.

Dates For Upcoming Workshops:

  • Wednesday 16th November
  • Wednesday 7th December

Dates for 2023 Antenatal Classes to be announced

What Our Dads's Are Saying

All in all, I found the class really useful and informative, especially from a dad-to-be perspective. The topics were catered to us and about being supportive to our partners during the process.

While I had given thought to all of the topics covered to some degree, the practical tips really brought it all to life in my mind. A lot of the things I worry most about – when to feed, how to bathe and how to keep the baby warm – were covered in detail and I feel a lot more reassured now.

Clear and non-dramatic advice that was well thought out and really well presented

The Promise

The Promise Scotland is responsible for driving the work of change demanded by the findings of the Independent Care Review.

It works with all kinds of organisations to support the shift in policy, practice, and culture so Scotland can #KeepThePromise it made to care experienced infants, children, young people, adults and their families that every child grows up loved, safe and respected, and able to reach their full potential.

We are looking more closely on how dads are welcomed, in what ways they are seen as an intrinsic part of the family and if they feel they have encountered any challenges while engaging with health services or the care system. We are connecting with dads who are care experienced or who have experience of health teams involved at birth to gauge the type of experience they have and how this can be done better.

Dads being part of the co-design of the new care system is key to it being better, as well as ensuring inclusivity.

Dads Club

Our Dad’s Club will be taking place at Gowanbank Primary School every Monday from 3 pm – 4.30 pm. This is for children up to 8 who attend the school, to come along with their dad and work together on different activities. Some of the activities include arts & crafts, building, gardening (using old tires for planters), destroying (deconstructing old electrical equipment to see how it works), creative play and exploring (digging for worms).