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Last week, our team took part in the First Milk Matters Training delivered by our Perinatal Co-ordinator Amy on behalf of the BreastFeeding Network UK.

The training provided a really insightful look in how to support mums through any stage of their breastfeeding journey by appreciating some of the barriers that mums can face, increasing knowledge in some cultural issues related to breastfeeding and understanding how breast milk can differ from formula.

Amy was also able to give a demonstration to show all the components that are in breastmilk as well as busting some common myths that surround breastfeeding.

As some of the areas Home-Start Glasgow South work in throughout the Southside of Glasgow have less families continuing to breastfeed 6-8 weeks after birth (including Toryglen, Castlemilk and Penilee), our team will be able to provide support by lending a listening ear for parents who are facing challenges while breastfeeding and lead them to other services who can also provide a helping hand.


Post Published: 17/03/23

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