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In April, a few members of our staff team – Amy, Charlene and Doug took part in Baby Massage Training delivered by the International Association of Infant Massage.

Our existing one-to-one baby massage sessions have proven to be really popular, and with more of our team taking on the training we hope to be able to offer this services to more local families.

Baby Massage can be a big help to families, with benefits to both parents/carers and baby. For baby, it can promote social, emotional and cognitive development, help relax baby and release tension of daily stimuli and reduce gas, colic and intestinal difficulties. For parents/carers, it can promote better understanding of infant cues, enhance communication and emotional ties and increase confidence and handling skills.

As part of the qualification, the team have started small groups and sessions in order to put some of the skills they have learnt into practice.

Amy, our Perinatal Family Support Co-ordinator will be working with families one-on-one when conducting home visits to help parents learn baby massage skills.

Charlene, our Group Worker will be starting a mums Baby Massage Group, which will run every Tuesday for 5 weeks from the 23rd May. The group takes place in Castlemilk Parish Church and welcomes mums with little ones from the newborn age up to 12 months old. As limited space is available, booking is required for this group. If you would like to enquire or find out more, email

Doug, our Dad’s Co-ordiantor, will be hosting our first Dads Baby Massage Group. This will also take place on a Tuesday afternoon for 5 weeks, and will be held in Merry-Go-Round Glasgow. Similar to Charlene’s group, these will be open to fathers with a child between newborn age and 12 months. Booking also required for Dads Baby Massage. For any further information, send an email to


Read more on the International Association of Infant Massage: 


Date Published 23/05/23.

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