Family Support Story

I have been working with my Home-Start volunteer for a year, and my experience has been really positive. I remember when I met Jayne, she was friendly and supportive. Through my past experiences with different support workers I was a little nervous, but Jayne made me feel relaxed and comfortable.

We discussed a support plan together to identify where the support was needed. I had a chance to say what support I felt I needed. When I started working with Home-Start I completely changed my life, working towards moving on from social work.

After Jayne and I got to know each other better, she explained to me she felt that I didn’t need support with looking after my daughter as I was doing so well by myself. Hearing positive feedback was great. I have been through a lot of hard times and I’m trying hard to overcome them – Jayne has been a huge support to me through this time. She even helped me to attend difficult appointments and was there to talk when I needed her.

Through having support from Jayne I’ve learned that I am a strong person and I can overcome anything that comes my way.

I had Jayne’s support for three months – it went by really quickly! Jayne and I built up a great relationship. We both agreed that Jayne would support me for as long as I needed so I could deal with my past traumas.

I’ve come so far since receiving support from Jayne. I am now finished with social work and soon I will finish working with Home-Start Glasgow South. It’s great for things to move on in my life but Jayne and Home-Start will be sadly missed.

My daughter and I also enjoyed going on Home-Start trips to places like Heads of Ayr Farm Park and M&D’s fair as well as the Home-Start Christmas party. It was great to be able to go to places that I wouldn’t manage to go to myself because of the travel and cost involved. This is a great use of funds for all the families working with Home-Start.

Now I would like to work towards becoming a youth support worker with children and families. You never know, maybe one day I will be working for Home-Start! I’ve learned a lot from Jayne who is a great role model. Thank you!

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